• Bespoke Corporate Events


“Fly me to the moon” sang Frank Sinatra, and that sums up the breadth and range of bespoke events.  We can produce just about anything imaginable (even, by coincidence, a trip to the moon).

You may like to think of bespoke corporate events as “tailor made” as opposed to “prêt à porter”; an event measured to your size, shape and taste.  The end product may be nipped in at the waist (or budget), it may have a pair of ‘show-off’ 1980s shoulder pads (an empowering corporate message), or it may include a bold print puffball skirt (the entertainment).

Most importantly, a bespoke event is your event.  However you like it. 


In case you are still in any doubt as to why you might choose a bespoke event, here are 8 reasons:

1. off the peg may not fit the occasion; this is one for Saville Row
2. specific clientele demographic around which the event needs to fit
3. marketing messages need to be communicated creatively through all elements of the event
4. interactive, with your guests participating not spectating
5. sport junkies and culture vultures, yes, but it’s time for something else
6. your own special event – no sharing & no attending someone else’s
7. something original to show your guests that you have gone that extra mile for them
8. here is an opportunity to experience something for the first time