Official Appointments

No other company can boast as many official appointments from sports and cultural governing bodies to provide hospitality. This stamp of approval, combined with our experience and expertise, ensures that you are guaranteed the best seats and the most luxurious facilities.

Official Appointments

Why Book Official Hospitality?

In today’s business environment, hospitality is a vital part of building and maintaining client relations. With so many options to choose from and so much at stake, it is essential companies know what they are booking. It is therefore vital that the people booking hospitality understand the differences between official and unofficial providers.

Official hospitality providers are chosen by the event owner or organising body to create, market and sell hospitality programmes on their behalf.  This guarantees that everything, from the ticket location to the food and beverage on offer and the level of service provided, is of the highest possible quality. In addition, the revenue generated by these hospitality programmes is then invested directly back into the event or sport as a whole.

Unofficial hospitality providers do not have a direct relationship with event owners and are not required to offer a certain level of service. Unofficial hospitality facilities are often located off-site, a long way (sometimes even miles) from the event, making it difficult and impractical to both spectate and enjoy the hospitality. Unofficial suppliers usually have to rely on the grey or black market for tickets, therefore their suppliers’ tickets may be of a much lower category than those offered by official suppliers.

In extreme cases, unofficial hospitality providers are let down by their suppliers and left without tickets for their customers. This is highly embarrassing for both the host and their guests and would undoubtedly damage their business relationship.

Keith Prowse only sells official hospitality which guarantees customers the best facilities, official event tickets, great service and peace of mind. Keith Prowse’s knowledge and relationships within the industry mean that customers and their guests can relax and enjoy a day to remember.