B2B hospitality mix

B2B Hospitality and the Marketing Mix

Sam Coates 

If hospitality isn’t currently integrated within your company’s marketing mix or doesn’t form part of any staff recognition and reward programme, perhaps now is the time to re-evaluate. When the world’s economy is on a downturn, as is currently the case, and businesses struggle to survive, it’s all too easy to overlook those whose efforts contribute to a reversal of fortune, the workforce. Saying thank you for an outstanding job, celebrating exceptional employee performance is proven to boost productivity.

Marketing objectives, planning, budget and measurement will differ company to company – as will the overall tactical mix - ultimately what they all have at the heart is an aspiration to sustain a competitive advantage, leading to long-term growth and profitability. When a consumer chooses to engage in a company’s brand and messaging, they move from passive and aware through the funnel to interested and beyond.

On average, acquiring new customers costs five times as much as retaining existing ones, hence they’re an important commodity to any business. Cultivating and nurturing customer relationships, building loyalty – developing advocacy - has many advantages, not least positive recommendations which in turn supports sales growth. Build relationships how – connecting over the phone, via email, Zoom, Microsoft Teams and more; it’s fair to say that technologies are readily available and getting cheaper by the day to deploy. Empowering your sales team, customers and clients, through digital capabilities is just one example of a trademark needing to be truly agile.

Whilst the world's in a pandemic, this is a chance for businesses to re-think their marketing strategies and where they focus their efforts. Customer behaviour has massively changed since COVID-19; customers are now becoming more familiar with ‘self-service’, an initiative led by social media, emails, web chats and my ‘My Account’ options; the need for community and interaction is desired via many touchpoints, digital and face-to-face. Networking, entertaining and rewarding at key occasions has been, and will remain so going forward, a major business factor in cementing relationships and/or saying thank you, and hospitality experiences sit squarely within the mix. 

As the UK’s largest hospitality provider, Keith Prowse boasts a broad range of experiences, tiered by price and package inclusions to suit a wide range of budgets, all official and in conjunction with some of the UK’s top premier venues. Alongside the act of annual innovation that allows us to retain our market leading position, we are supported by an engaged and loyal customer database. We value our customers and strive to ensure that every part of their customer journey is memorable, right from the start. Don’t take our word for it – we have an ‘excellent’ score on Trustpilot and some lovely testimonials which can be found here.