Corporate hospitality mix

Corporate hospitality and the marketing mix

If hospitality isn’t currently integrated within your company’s marketing mix or doesn’t form part of any staff recognition and reward programme, perhaps as 2019 draws ever nearer, now is the time to re-evaluate.

Marketing planning, objectives, budget and measurement will differ company to company – ultimately what they all have at the heart is an aspiration to sustain a competitive advantage, leading to long-term growth and profitability.

The digital revolution has introduced significant changes to the way we do business, less push-driven, brand centric policies to more connected experiences that are co-owned by the company and customer. People are rarely, if ever, passive recipients of messages. When they choose to engage, they become willing participants in a dialogue with a company’s brand, messages, products and services.

Putting the consumer at the forefront changes everything; selecting the right experience, at the right time, targeting the right audience is therefore becoming an increasingly essential part of any company’s marketing strategy. Choosing the right product will depend on the preferences of your target audience; the recommendation is always to do the due diligence first. As the relationship develops and a repeat experience is called for, it’s important to ensure that the second and subsequent year’s offerings differ – in addition to providing exemplary service, annual and proactive innovation has to be at the heart of any successful hospitality company’s strategy.

There are many trends contributing to the changing face of hospitality. More and more companies are adding fully inclusive sporting experiences to their menu of staff recognition and reward programmes. Table sizes available for exclusive use are becoming increasingly flexible.