How to network

Tips for Effective Networking At Hospitality Events

In a digital world, hospitality offers an excellent opportunity to network and expand your contacts. Whether forming a better relationship with colleagues, clients, industry leaders or investors, hospitality is a great way to get to know people better. But how to master the art of networking effectively and confidently? Here are our top tips:


Perfect your pitch

Can you explain what you do in no more than 20 seconds? If you answered yes then you are on the right track! If not, come up with a couple of quick prompts that will get you going. Honing your elevator pitch is a great start for networking successfully.


Be yourself

Treat your new contacts like new friends. After all, we are in a people business. If you charm them with your friendly persona they are more likely to continue the conversation after the event.


Take notes

There is nothing worse than getting back to the office with a pocketful of business cards and no idea whose belongs to who. Scribble some notes on the back of their card to prompt you.


Ask questions

No one likes a show-off who is centre of attention. Ask your guest genuine questions. Listening is just as powerful as talking and will help you get to know your new contact.

Engage with people

Keep eye contact with the people you meet and don’t rush through conversations. Focus on making solid connections and be friendly!

Enjoy it

Enjoy the occasion! Hospitality can be a lot of fun, so relish the opportunity and take in the atmosphere. If you are relaxed the conversation will flow.