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Looking for a gift idea that will make a real impression? The ultimate gift experiences are what we do best. We’ve been providing memorable & luxury experiences at the UK’s most iconic venues and stadiums for the past 40 years.

We have a heritage in the experience market and longstanding relationships with headline sporting events including The Championships, Wimbledon and rugby at Twickenham. These experiences, taking in many of the UK’s major social and sporting events, are easy to purchase and will be a gift that will live long in the memory. 

We’ve tiered our categories by price to help you navigate the most suitable gift for your budget. We can provide a gift voucher for any booked experience, to request simply email

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Under 500

Under £500

Experience some of the most incredible sporting action in a relaxed and informal setting for less than £500 per person.

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Want to impress with a more formal hospitality experience? Take a look at some of our package experiences for less than £1,000 per person.

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Over 1000

Over £1,000

Get the ultimate in luxury and buy a bucket list gift with our experiences for over £1,000.

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Experiences available with Keith Prowse

Your gifting guide: Find experience gifts for under £500

Looking for some gifitng inspiration? Take a look at our hospitality experiences for under £500.

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Experiences available with Keith Prowse

Our guide to finding experience gifts for up to £1000

Looking for an extra special gift? Discover some of our hospitality experiences for up to £1000. 

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