Frequently Asked Questions

Should individuals and businesses look out for fraudulent activity that misuses the Keith Prowse name?

Yes, individuals and businesses should take care not to fall victim to schemes which misuse our name or falsely claim to be affiliated with Keith Prowse.

What forms do these fraudulent schemes take?

We've seen use of sophisticated invoices and letterhead, using the domain reference to send what appears to be legitimate Keith Prowse correspondence. 

CORRECT doman:

INCORRECT domain: 

An additional point of reference to check the validity of an invoice: Keith Prowse bank with NatWest and our account number ends xxxx5538

What should you do if you receive suspicious notifications about settling an invoice or other correspondence involving requests for money transfers or payments that reference the Keith Prowse?

In the first instance, do not respond to the request and do not send any money or provide any of your personal bank account details. If you have any concerns and would like to validate the legitimacy of any payment request received from Keith Prowse, please do not hesitate to contact our accounts department on 0208 843 7698.