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Allow your corporate guests to take a walk down the red carpet at the BRIT Awards or to enjoy a favourite music festival in style, with an exclusive hospitality experience, exclusively delivered by Keith Prowse.

Whether it be the delightful irreverence of Henley Festival, the serenity of Glyndebourne Festival or the stunning surroundings of Hampton Court Festival, we offer a range of official hospitality packages to suit all budgets.

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Is ROX the new ROI

The term Return on Investment (ROI), especially in conjunction with an event’s measure of success, isn’t new, however, with the exponential increase in use of digital marketing including social media, the formula is sometimes found lacking.

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England Win 2020 Guinness Six Nations

The last three games of the 2020 Guinness Six Nations tournament were played last Saturday, with a nail-biting end to what has been an unusual Guinness Six Nations. If you didn’t already know, England came out victorious, winning the Championship for the first time since 2017. It really did go down to the wire, with the tournament resting on two of the final three games.

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All time greats - Rafael Nadal

Nadal has once again proven he is the master of clay, taking home an impressive win at Roland Garros last month. After a disruptive 2020 tennis season, Nadal has proven yet again that he remains one of best players in the world with some extremely remarkable career achievements to date.

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