Emily Roux on Wimbledon, the Roux legacy and her best sporting memory

May 23, 2017

If you missed the Roux family at The Championships, Wimbledon last year, then you’ll be pleased to know that all three generations are back once again. For another year, Emily will be assisting Michel Jr. and Albert Roux OBE in designing and preparing of menus at The Championships, Wimbledon’s award-winning venue, The Gatsby Club.

Last year, we had the pleasure of finding a bit more about Emily Roux and what it’s like working with Michel Snr. and Albert Roux OBE….


If ever there was proof that a ‘food gene’ was an actual thing, it would be the Roux family. Two brothers, Michel Snr. and Albert Roux OBE and their sons, Alain and Michel Roux Jr. are all Michelin-starred chefs. And now the third generation of the Roux legacy has arrived in the culinary world; Emily Roux.

After studying at the Institut Paul Bocuse, focusing on culinary arts and restaurant management; Emily Roux went on to train at Alain Ducasse’s restaurant, La Trattoria in Monaco and back in Paris at Le Louis XV***. She moved on to more Michelin-starred restaurants, Le 39V and Akrame, before coming back to the UK to work with father and grandfather.



But who exactly is the person behind the revered name? We asked Emily a series of quick fire questions of the utmost importance to any rising culinary star.

  1. What’s your favourite spice to use? Black pepper or Piment d’Espelette
  2. The first meal you ever learnt to cook? Fresh pasta with my father
  3. Describe your cooking style in three words fresh, colourful, and delicious
  4. Worst cooking nightmare? None that I’d want to admit to!
  5. Have you ever burnt anything? I don’t think so…
  6. How do you prefer your eggs? Sunny side up
  7. What’s your signature dish? Gâteau de Savoie with a pineapple, avocado and dill salad
  8. What’s your favourite vegetable? Sprouting broccoli
  9. What’s your most hated food/vegetable? Oysters or red peppers
  10. Which food is your guilty pleasure? Dark chocolate with nuts
  11. Scone or sco-e-ne? Sco-e-ne
  12. Favourite dish to cook? Turbot Meunière
  13. Favourite dish to eat? Carbonara
  14. Earliest memories of food? Braised beef cheeks and mash
  15. Biggest challenge you’ve faced? Working at the Louis XV*** in Monaco
  16. Best piece of advice you have/you would give? Work hard and keep your head down
  17. Best sporting memory? Paula Radcliffe winning the London Marathon
  18. Favourite tennis player? Gael Monfils

To find out more about The Championships, Wimbledon and to see the three Roux's in action, click here.

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