Eight Ray Music's Sarah Lichtenstein Discusses Seamless Hospitality Entertainment

June 27, 2017

Within the award-winning Gatsby Club at The Championships, Wimbledon, every detail is meticulously planned to perfection. From the menu designed by iconic chef Albert Roux OBE to the position of the viewing gallery, cocktails at the bar and interior decor, everything must be just so.

That includes the entertainment inside The Gatsby Club and for that crucial element, Keith Prowse rely on our partner of five years and counting - Eight Ray Music.

Having worked with Eight Ray Music on illustrious events such as The Henley Royal Regatta, Cheltenham Festival, The Queen's Club Championships and The Championships, Wimbledon, Keith Prowse can rely on the music agency to provide highly professional and extremely talented musicians to each event.


As our very own Nick Gratwick put it:

"Music is so fundamental to the overall customer experience, it is crucial that you find the right partner. JJ and his team make it easy to find the right artist, with the right attitude, to play at our events. They are punctual, on budget and always deliver the right talent to match the audience.”

With Wimbledon fast approaching and in honour of Eight Ray Music's involvement, we decided to ask the agency's Client Relationship Manager, Sarah Lichtenstein to answer some quick fire questions about providing seamless entertainment time and again!

1. How long have you been working with Keith Prowse?

5 years

2. What's been your highlight so far?

Expanding the portfolio of events that we work on annually with Keith Prowse and identifying ways we can continue to add value to their hospitality areas.  This year we’re providing live music for the first time during afternoon tea in The Gatsby Club at Wimbledon, which is exciting!

3. Describe Eight Ray Music's service in three words.

Seamless, innovative, passionate

4. What can Gatsby Club guests expect from the entertainment?

Quality musicianship and unobtrusive music that’s appropriate for the event and the clientele attending.  Creating the right atmosphere and ambience which adds value is the main objective and we work closely with the team at Keith Prowse to ensure what we provide is the right fit.

5. What's your favourite song?

Very hard to pick just one but it would probably have to be Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd.  One of my all-time favourite bands!

6. Favourite sporting event?

Wimbledon, of course!

7. Least favourite music genre?

Atonal jazz

8. Musical guilty pleasure?

I love a good cheesy power ballad!

9. Earliest memory involving music?

Learning the recorder at school when I was about 7 or 8 and playing rounds of London’s Burning with my sister, no doubt much to my parent’s annoyance!

10. Favourite Eight Ray Music act?

That’s a tough one!  It’s extremely difficult to pick out just one but I would probably have to say Okiem if pushed!  Okiem is an incredibly talented pianist & composer whose music is described as “cinematic classical”.   He creates his signature sound by combining piano, orchestral instruments and synthesizers and is incredibly versatile. He can either perform solo piano or as part of a classical ensemble; right up to a 10-piece orchestra.

12. Best piece of advice you would give?

Be authentic and don’t get complacent.  Notice what is working and be prepared to change your approach.  As the saying goes…….’If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’.

13. Best sporting memory?

My best personal sporting moment was when I was crowned the fastest swimmer at school when I was 11 years old, which included beating all the boys!  Years later at a 20th anniversary school reunion one of the boys was still less than pleased about it!

14. Who will win Wimbledon this year?

I would love to see Andy Murray win his third Wimbledon title in the Men’s.

To learn more about Eight Ray Music and view their roster of artists visit their website.

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