Why you should book official hospitality

October 23, 2017

So you've decided on the event you'd like to attend and you know your budget. The next step is who to book with?

Here's our quick guide on how and why, you should book your hospitality experience with an official provider.  

England Rugby Hospitality

Official hospitality...

...providers, are contracted by the governing body, for example, The Rugby Football Union for Twickenham, to design, develop, market and sell hospitality experiences on their behalf. 
This guarantees that everything, from the ticket and seating location, the food, beverages and on-day service levels are the highest possible quality. Additionally, the revenue generated by these hospitality programmes is invested back into the event or sport. 

Unofficial hospitality...

...providers, do not have a direct relationship with the event owners; are not required to offer a guaranteed service level; and facilities are often located off-site, sometimes miles away, which has the potential to impact the overall experience. As importantly, these suppliers usually have to rely on grey or black market routes to acquire tickets, which maybe of a much lower category as those provided via official channels. For high profile events where tickets aren’t readily available, providers may struggle to acquire what was promised – the negative impact for both the host and their guests could be far reaching. 

What to remember when booking hospitality:

  • All official hospitality providers will be listed on the event or venue website. Those operators listed on the website will provide links to buy hospitality. Always follow these links to ensure you are on the official provider’s website and to avoid disappointment
  • Always look for an all-inclusive package; this should include food, drinks and of course your ticket
  • Official operators will be able to provide a fully comprehensive description of the package; including images of the experience, as a minimum. 

Benefits to grassroots:

Finally, when purchasing official hospitality for major events such as rugby, you can often ensure your money is being re-invested back into the game.

"As with all of our commercial activities, this single point of sale will ensure that all additional revenues generated will be invested directly back into the game we all love". Steve Brown, RFU Chief Officer 

The Gatsby Club

And it's as simple as that!

By purchasing experiences from an official hospitality provider you can guarantee your ticket is valid and you receive the experience you have been promised. Click here for more information on our experiences and how we can tailor our events to you. 



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