Why you should always book official

October 25, 2017

Looking forward to watching England take on New Zealand in November? Or watching England face Japan for only the second time in the history of the two countries? Or simply wanting to watch one of the classics of England v South Africa or England v Australia in what is always an exciting match-up? 

Whatever you’re looking forward to most, with hospitality packages already on-sale for the 2018 Quilter Internationals, we want to make sure you are fully prepared when going to book.

England Rugby Hospitality, supported by long standing sales partner Keith Prowse, are the exclusive provider of official match-day hospitality in the new East Stand, and the only way to secure hospitality for England Internationals at Twickenham Stadium.

What does this mean for you? 

England Rugby Hospitality is now your one-stop shop for rugby hospitality at Twickenham Stadium. This means greater security for you and your guests, while ensuring you still receive the highest quality possible.

Why is this important for you to know?

Despite becoming the exclusive provider of official hospitality, we know there will still be unofficial providers out there. We want to make sure you are not lured into ‘too good to be true’ offerings – because that is what they usually are, too good to be true.

Deciding to book through an unofficial hospitality provider not only puts you at risk of losing your money but could also cause you to miss out on what could have been a quality day at the rugby and jeopardise your relationship between you and those you may be hosting.

What is the difference between official and unofficial?

Official hospitality providers are carefully selected and contracted by the governing body and have a direct relationship with the event owners. For example, England Rugby Hospitality was created in part by the Rugby Football Union and by Keith Prowse, to be the sole provider of official hospitality from autumn 2018 for England Rugby at Twickenham. This guarantees that everything from the ticket and seating location, the food, beverages and on-day service levels are the highest quality possible. Not to mention, your money is re-invested back into the game at grassroots level. 

Unofficial hospitality providers on the other hand are not supported by and do not have a direct relationship with the event owners. There is also no guarantee of what service you are to receive and often the facilities can be located far off site which could result in a lot of walking and potentially impacting the overall experience you, and those you’re hosting, receive. Seemingly, these suppliers also have no guaranteed access to tickets which means they could struggle to guarantee the tickets originally promised. They may also rely purely on the grey or black market to provide tickets, and possibly at a much lower category than what is offered through the official provider.  

Still not convinced? 

Here are some more handy facts of why you should ensure to book through England Rugby Hospitality, the exclusive provider of official match-day hospitality for England Rugby:

 Why book official with ERH


Hopefully we have given you all the tools you need to make a smart decision. To find out more about how to guarantee your place at this autumn's Quilter Internationals, click here.