Meet the team behind your hospitality experience at The Kia Oval

December 5, 2017

Meet Alex.

Alex is the head of the Kia Oval sales. Find out what it takes to create the ultimate hospitality experience at the Kia Oval.

 Corinthian Roof Terrace, Kia Oval

1. Tell me about the different hospitality packages available at the Kia Oval? 

There’s real variety of packages at the Kia Oval, giving our customers lots to choose from. This diversity makes the Kia Oval such a versatile hospitality venue. 
The hospitality options begin at the entry level packages such as the Roof Terrace, offering an informal dining experience with a more lively and social atmosphere. 
We then offer a mid-tier range of options including The England Club and Pavilion Rooms; both respectively give clients a more intimate feel but still remain sociable and relaxed. 
Finally we offer a range of premium packages which sit within facilities such as the Montpelier Club and the private boxes. These offer a more luxurious experience with al a carte dining options and the opportunity for privacy. We can offer boxes of 12, 16 and up to 24, while in the Montpelier Club we can cater from private tables of 10, right down to tables of one. 

2. What do you think makes the hospitality that little bit more special at the Kia Oval?

The Kia Oval is a very special cricket ground steeped in history. Cricket fans and customers alike, flock to the prestigious ground to watch iconic games such as the 100th Test Match, which took place this summer. 

3. It sounds like a lot of work to get everything ready – how long does it take to plan one of these events?

As soon as the last cricket match has ended we are methodically and meticulously planning to ensure customers have a great experience the following year. 
We have a fantastic Operations and Marketing team who ensure we are best equipped for the following year’s fixtures. 
We take our customers feedback very seriously and ensure we are improving year on year to provide the best experience possible.

4. Why is cricket becoming an ever more popular event?

With the introduction of T20 cricket the game is becoming more inclusive to a wider range of cricket fans. The T20 Surrey games at the Kia Oval have provided a brilliant atmosphere and plenty of drama. This fast-paced game has appealed to a wider audience; reflecting the fast-paced environment we live in today. Cricket has become much more available with the day-night matches, allowing fans to arrive after work. 
Test Match Cricket is also shortly changing to a 4-day format, making it quicker and more appealing to a wider audience. 

5. What is your favourite thing about the Oval?

The atmosphere on game day is great. The noise the crowd makes sets it apart from other cricket grounds in the country. 

Montpelier Club, Kia Oval

Corinthian Roof Terrace, Kia Oval

6. Hospitality can sometimes be termed as a corporate product. Would you say you agree with this and does it apply to the Oval? 

Cricket is very good in terms of a corporate product as you get to spenda long period of time with your clients. Your seats are pitch facing and directly outside making them great for entertaining purposes. 
However, with the introduction of T20 and the ever-growing international ODI cricket scene, a much wider diversity of clientele are being attracted. 

7. Would you say you get a lot of repeat bookings each year, and if so, why do you think this is? 

Definitely, and I think this is for a number of reasons, most prominently due to repeat bookings from very satisfied customers. Our clients get a really good amount of face-time with their customer. Another reason being the level of games hosted at this prestigious venue; for example next year we have an India test match and the Australia ODI, and 2019 will see the World Cup and the Ashes. Finally, the ICC Champions Trophy Final was hosted at the Kia Oval, as well as other group ICC games, making the venue extremely derisible for client entertaining. 

8. How long have you worked in sports hospitality and why Keith Prowse?

It will be two years in January 2018. My passion for sport and sales meant that Keith Prowse was the place to go; matching all my requirements for the next challenge in my career. 

9. Keith Prowse prides itself on being the market leader in hospitality – what do you think gives them that name?

There is no other hospitality company that offers official hospitality on the level we do. We organise everything from start to finish and make sure that every detail, no matter how big or small is taken care of.  

Montpelier Club, Kia Oval

10. Finally how would you describe the Kia Oval in three words? 

A cricketer’s dream

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