Twickenham's New East Stand: The Lock

May 8, 2018


The Lock is one of four premium facilities launching this autumn in Twickenham’s East Stand.

If you haven’t heard about the exciting changes coming to the East Stand and the story behind the concept of home and rugby, check out our East Stand piece first before coming back here to read about The Lock.

The meaning behind the name and logo

Found in all homes, a lock is a device that keeps a door securely fastened and can only be opened with a key. The lock plays a very similar role in rugby as the two locks (No. 4 and No. 5) bind together in the scrum and push on the props and the hooker. A rugby lock provides power in the scrum and soars to great heights in the line-out.

The Lock restaurant is a multi-experiential facility, stretching the length of the East Stand with both rugby and food at its very core. With two flanks surrounding a central kitchen, the very nature of the space provides a subtle link to the players positions (No.4 and No.5) within a scrum.

To reinforce this, the ‘O’ and ‘C’ in the logo are joined together to form a rugby ball, signifying a space for rugby fans, from all nations, to get together to share the passion of great food and a great sport. After all, passion is key.

The logo itself is displayed on a marble finish as to give The Lock its premium positioning above two of the other new East Stand facilities.

It’s all in the detail

From the minute you arrive at The Lock, every little detail, from the parquet flooring all the way up to the red pipes running along the ceiling, has been carefully thought out to radiate all things England Rugby; giving guests a quintessentially English experience.

The Lock is a dual aspect concept allowing guests to take in the surrounding scenery of Twickenham and West London while also enjoying the incredible and iconic pitch view. This allows for the space to be bright and welcoming to guests.

Throughout the facility, guests will see subtle hints and red accent pieces to help convey the theme and the cross of St George. The England Rugby rose will subtly appear throughout playing into the elegantly white finish of the walls and ceilings to give The Lock a bright and ambient feel.

On arrival to The Lock, the hostess will greet guests from a red accented reception desk designed to mimic a rugby scrum machine traditionally used by locks for training. The guests will also be able to notice straight away the English heritage inspired parquet flooring.

Upon passing through reception, guests will continue into an open foyer lined with powerful black and white images of male and female locks from both past and present. Over time, the images will be updated and adapted to compliment famous locks still to come.

Making use of the existing foundations, certain support columns will be clad in dark leather to represent famous locks over time and deemed the ‘Pillars of Strength’. The cladding is reminiscent of rugby post protectors, each one the height of a Lock legend and with corresponding stats and information. This is where the pillars name is derived from; while the columns purpose is to hold up the stadium, the locks are the strong power houses of the scrum.

Further rugby elements will feature around the room such as pressure gauges to represent the power of the scrum and a rugby ball positioned at the average height of a line-out on a dark leather wall.

The furniture will be styled with an assortment of tweeds and fabrics with select furniture pieces containing subtle red piping on the edges. Tables along the pitch view will have tall chairs as to allow guests to have a great view of the pitch while dining and relaxing at their table. Guests that previously visited hospitality facilities, Obolensky’s and Wakefield’s, will recognise this is a big advantage as previously the table views were obstructed by outside spectator seats once guests sat down to dine.

 The Lock Mood Board

Your seats

The light, open and airy spaces of The Lock give direct access to the stadium bowl, suite to seat therefore is measured in seconds which is ideal for a half time drink.

Private tables of between two and ten people are available in addition to a limited number of semi-private pitch facing booths. The semi-private spaces will be created using the stadiums existing cross braces that are laden with voile as to give the guest the feeling of privacy and sense of obscurement while still maintaining the spacious and atmospheric feeling of The Lock. Not to mention, the tables will have the ultimate view of the pitch.

Once you have eaten and toasted your friends and team, you can take your stadium seat which is perfectly positioned between either North East/South East corners to the 22’s, offering a great vantage point to take in every second of the action. See the view from your seat here.

Food pairings and sample menu

A four course classic English inspired menu, combined with tastes from the opposing nation, will be served with a contemporary twist. For example, when England face Italy in the 2019 NatWest Six Nations, the main may be delightful and succulent traditional beef but paired with a sumptuous spaghetti alle vongole as the starter.

Our in-house sommelier will select the wines for the menu whilst experienced mixologists will prepare the ultimate selection of cocktails for guests to enjoy. Premium beers and ales will also be served.

Taking this approach with the food and beverage opens up a number of culinary areas to explore, ultimately providing the guest with a new fresh experience on each visit.

What to expect for a day in The Lock

The Lock opens three and a half hours before kick-off allowing you to avoid the crowds as you arrive through your dedicated entrance to enjoy traditional, formal hospitality with a contemporary twist.

Take in the surroundings and subtle rugby details of The Lock before sitting down at your private table. Enjoy traditional English food paired with flavours from the visiting team while our sommelier suggests the perfect pairing or one of mixologist whips up a cocktail featuring your favourite spirit.

Upon finishing your meal and grabbing your drink for the match, take your stadium seat and get ready to cheer on England.

At half-time, catch up with your guests over the first half’s tactics while refreshing your drink with your suite to seat access.

Once the final whistle has gone, return to The Lock to enjoy post-match food and drink while talking through the day’s play, alongside rugby legends and heroes of the game.

To find out more about how you can experience The Lock when it opens this autumn for the Quilter Internationals, click here or contact us today.