Keith Prowse talks to Michel Roux Jr Part 2

May 21, 2018

Earlier this month, we shared the first part of our interview with Michel Roux Jr who, along with his father and daughter, is a consultant chef in The Gatsby Club at Wimbledon and in Chex Roux @ Blue Riband at the Investec Derby Festival.

In our second and final instalment of the interview, we find out what it’s like to work in a kitchen with three generations of the Roux family and who Michel would like to see win Wimbledon this year.

Michel Roux

KP: Michel, you and your father have been working in the Gatsby Club at Wimbledon for many years. What keeps you coming back to working at the event each year?

MR: The challenge! It’s exciting to try and deliver great food, great service, on a large scale, to so many people. The energy in the marquee makes it even more enjoyable. It’s great to be associated with an event like Wimbledon, a company like Keith Prowse and a venue like the Gatsby club. The guests aren’t just there to watch the tennis, they’re there to enjoy the whole day and to have an amazing, memorable experience. From the minute guests arrive to warm smiling faces and throughout their visit, it’s all very special. It’s great to wander through the marquee and interact with guests who are truly enjoying their day.

KP: Tell us more about what it’s like to work with your father, Albert Roux OBE and your daughter, Emily Roux in one kitchen, and in a marquee?

MR: It’s always a challenge, but it’s a good challenge. It’s incredibly rewarding and we’re all focused on the same goal, for the customer to leave happy and with a smile on their face.

KP: When it comes to planning The Gatsby Club menu, do you all work on it together? How do you decide which dishes to recommend for the menu?

MR: As soon as the event is finished we’re thinking ahead to the following year. We review the feedback and take into consideration sales trends. And we run several tastings with Keith Prowse throughout the year.
Many of the most popular dishes often make a comeback but we also always try to offer newer, contemporary dishes. We don’t want to limit the menu to classic and French cuisine.

KP: So, what’s on the menu at The Gatsby Club this year?

Michel Roux

MR: This year will see the return of the Gatsby Club Seafood Platter, which has been a favourite amongst the hospitality guests in recent years and includes half a lobster, blue prawns, salmon ceviche, mussels, crab and more!
The spelt risotto and strawberry tiramisu are dishes that offer a unique twist on the classics. But that’s not to say we’ve overlooked the classics such as confit sea trout and roast sirloin of beef.

KP: Although you’ll be in the kitchen during The Championships, do you have time to follow the tennis during the rest of the year? Who’s your favourite to win Wimbledon this year?

Michel Roux

MR: Of course, during Wimbledon I’m too busy to keep up but I do try and watch the tennis when I can; I’m a big sports enthusiast.
In terms of Wimbledon this year, it would be lovely to see Andy Murray make a comeback after his recent injury. I’m sure the crowds will be supporting him and that makes for a great atmosphere at Wimbledon.
If not Andy, it would be great to see some of the other up and coming British tennis players do well. Kyle Edmund and Johanna Konta will be exciting to watch.

The Roux family work closely with Keith Prowse to deliver fine dining menus to hospitality guests in The Gatsby Club at The Championships, Wimbledon and in Chez Roux @ Blue Riband at The Investec Derby Festival.

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