The Best London Venues/Events for Corporate Hospitality

August 14, 2018

Corporate hospitality is a key part of business for a wide range of different firms and organisations. It gives those businesses a chance to wine, dine and most importantly impress their current and prospective clients, and to give as good an impression of their company as they can. When it comes to corporate hospitality London boasts some of the best venues and events in the world, and the following are just a handful of prime examples.


An Oval Test Match

The Kia Oval cricket ground 
is one of the most historic and top quality event venues London has to offer. For true cricket fans, visiting the ground is akin to making a pilgrimage, and The Oval still offers plenty for those who may not even be that interested in what’s going on in the middle.

Like many London venues, after all, The Oval is not only home to top class sporting action but also boasts outstanding dining and hospitality options. Guests at The Oval can enjoy everything from a luxury buffet in a plush suite to an à la carte menu in the ground’s Montpelier Suite, and are sure to be duly impressed and delighted by their day at the cricket.     

The Kia Oval

Wimbledon Fortnight

Quintessentially British and a must-watch for all tennis fans, Wimbledon fortnight also represents one of the very best corporate events London hosts each year. Whisking prospective clients off to SW19, after all, is a marvellous way to show them just how much your firm would appreciate their business and how well you’d treat them if they did choose to work with you.

The All England Club includes all manner of restaurants and other hospitality venues which are sure to wow anyone lucky enough to visit. Combine a meal or drinks at one of those locations with VIP tickets to a show court and you have a corporate hospitality experience that’s truly second to none.    


Twickenham Stadium

The spiritual home of the sport of rugby and the physical headquarters of the RFU, Twickenham Stadium is also one of the most welcoming event venues London has to offer. A whole host of top class rugby matches grace the Twickenham turf each year but the stadium also plays host to everything from NFL games to music concerts.

Whatever the event taking place at the stadium, Twickenham’s corporate hospitality options have to be seen to be believed. The stadium’s new Rose Garden is an exciting roof terrace club located in the brand new East Stand, whilst plush executive boxes are also widely available for all manner of corporate events and days out.    


Chelsea Flower Show

When it comes to corporate hospitality London is also a location where those with no interest in sport can enjoy an extra special day out. The capital is home to a wide array of traditional and popular annual events which can provide the perfect venues for entertaining clients. The RHS Chelsea Flower Show is a prime example and is a must-see for any gardening or horticulture fan.

The RHS have been holding flower shows at a variety of London venues since the mid-19th century, with the Chelsea showpiece itself dating back to 1912. Visitors to the show, then, can bask in over a century’s worth of history as well as enjoying the sight of vibrant flowerbeds and the smell of a multitude of fragrant scents. 

Chelsea Flower Show

Henley Royal Regatta

Speaking of history and tradition, the annual Henley Royal Regatta is another of the corporate events London is famed for, which simply oozes both. Having been first held in 1839, the regatta has evolved to become one of the most exclusive, high-end events in the UK and an invitation is a sure-fire way to show corporate clients that you mean business.

During the five days of the regatta, a wide range of beautiful venues all along the picturesque banks of the Thames open their doors and offer a fabulous variety of hospitality options. From gourmet meals in bijou restaurants to exclusive experiences on private islands, Henley Royal Regatta can allow businesses to wow their clients in almost any way they can imagine.

The Queen’s Club

Best known for hosting arguably Britain’s second most prestigious tennis tournament, behind Wimbledon, The Queen’s Club has been a top-class venue since it was first established in 1886. At that time, it was the world’s first multi-purpose sports complex and still boasts the finest courts for lawn tennis, real tennis, racquetball and squash.

A tranquil and charming setting is the hallmark of The Queen’s Club, which provides visitors with excellent entertaining and dining facilities. The venue’s Members’ Clubhouse features a museum, café, elegant restaurant and plush President’s Room, all of which can play a role in a truly incomparable corporate hospitality experience.  


What all of the above London venues and events have in common, as well as being world class corporate hospitality options, is that packages for all of them are available through Keith Prowse. Our exquisite hospitality packages for all of those venues are certain to create a lasting impression on your corporate guests and to show them just how much you appreciate them.

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