How buying official hospitality can make a difference at a grassroots level: Part 1

November 26, 2018

There’s no doubt that booking an official hospitality experience with Keith Prowse will ensure that a sporting event remains in your guests’ memories long beyond the day is over.

Yet the impact of hospitality can reach far beyond just memories; it can also effect positive change throughout communities at a local, national and international scale. In fact, many of the sporting venues where we offer hospitality convert profits from tickets, hospitality and merchandise into charitable donations.

Our official appointment with many of the UK’s top events not only guarantees that everything from the ticket and seating location, the food, beverages and on-day service levels are the highest quality possible. It also means you can be certain that part of the cost of your booking is re-invested back into the games at grassroots level and to support individuals in need.

Over the next two months, we’ll be sharing four examples of how buying official hospitality with Keith Prowse can make a difference. First up, we look at our partnership with the RFU and how proceeds are re-invested into rugby.

England Rugby: The RFU and Good for Rugby

All profit generated by the RFU from ticket sales, hospitality and merchandise is invested into rugby so purchasing through official channels keeps money within the game.  The RFU encourages people to look for the Good For Rugby brand mark when purchasing official hospitality to ensure its being bought through an official provider. 


That means the more you support the game, the more support there is for the youngsters dreaming of running out at Twickenham one day, for the community club in a rural area helped to travel to away games, for training the referees and coaches who turn out every week, for new kit which inspires an inner city team, new pitches, floodlights and modernised clubhouses.

Ultimately, the RFU’s purpose is to encourage rugby and its values to flourish across England. For the 18/19 season, the RFU invested £100.5m directly with clubs and in operating the English game at all levels and they were assisted by over 100,000 volunteers again.

The RFU’s strategic priorities are:

  • Protect everything that makes rugby in England so special
  • Engage and inspire new audiences, while developing deeper relationships with those already involved in the game
  • Grow by providing more rugby through more opportunities for more people
  • Win by putting sustainable success at the heart of the professional game

CASE STUDY: The RFU Injured Players Foundation (IPF)

The RFU Injured Players Foundation offer support and provide information to rugby players who have suffered a catastrophic spinal cord or traumatic brain injury which has resulted in permanent disability whilst playing rugby in England at any level and at any age. The support is available to help players through recovery, rehabilitation, and for the rest of their life.

They also provide family members, clubs and team mates with the information and support following such incidents, particularly in relation to how they can help the player with their recovery or adjustment to a new live.

As part of their work, they also fund research, training and education programmes to help prevent injuries and to raise awareness with coaches and refereed to ensure as many people involved in rugby learn the correct techniques and practices to play, coach and officiate the game safely.

Jack, who sustained a catastrophic injury playing rugby at 26 has received support from the IPF within 12 hours of the incident. “The IPF have covered everything from family travel to accommodation so that they could be near me, giving emotional support to my family, sorting the correct chair or vehicle, equipment to get back to work and extra rehabilitation to improve mobility. It’s not just what the help is, it’s the way it has been given, they have become real family friends and remain the ones I can go to for help and advice on everything.”


*this blog post was updated on 2 April 2020 to include the most up-to-date statistics.

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