How to Make a Good Thing Better - Upgrading to a Hospitality Package

December 20, 2018

Picture the scene; you’re at your favourite stadium, arena or theatre. You’re about to watch the team you love, that band you’ve followed since you were a kid or the show you’ve wanted to get to for months. You’re surrounded by people who share your passion and who are equally excited for the action to get started. Things couldn’t get any better. Or could they?

If you’re a regular attendee of sporting events, concerts and shows, you’ll probably be aware that those different events all tend to offer various hospitality packages. You might not, however, have considered partaking in that VIP hospitality yourself.

Many normal sports, music or theatre fans, after all, tend to assume that the packages are simply for corporate hospitality or are out of their price range. That quite simply is not the case, however.

Upgrading Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

Far from being exclusively the domain of the rich or for the purpose of corporate hospitality alone, VIP tickets and hospitality packages represent a great way to turn a good day out into an extra special one. What’s great news for fans, too, is that there are often brilliant hospitality alternatives available for only a little more than the cost of a standard ticket.

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Twickenham’s Rose Garden is a prime example of what’s on offer in the way of entry-level hospitality at the home of rugby. Featuring live music, stunning views and street food served by roaming waiting staff – all whilst enjoying the enthralling yet affordable rugby matches played at this iconic venue.

For cricket fans, the Edgbaston Experience Club is a prime example. For not much more than the cost of a match ticket, a fan who upgrades to that package can enjoy a two course buffet lunch and all-inclusive bar amongst other benefits in a comfortable location close to their match seats. In a similar vein, Tattenham Straight Marquee Hospitality for the Investec Derby Festival offers a hospitality upgrade to general raceday entry, which remains affordable for normal racing fans. 

Now that we’ve hopefully demonstrated that hospitality packages are within the reach of ordinary fans, let’s go into a little more depth about how they can make any day out that little bit better. The best way to do that is by comparing step-by-step the usual fan experience with the enhanced experienced provided by VIP tickets.

Arriving at the Event

When heading to a football match, race meeting, music gig or theatre show, you always have decisions to make as to what to do ahead of the event. Do you find somewhere away from the venue for a drink or maybe dinner? Do you get to the venue early and battle the crowds to get a beer or something to eat while you’re there?

Those decisions and the sometimes less than enjoyable alternatives they involve, melt away when you are the proud owner of a VIP package. Fan hospitality at almost all kinds of events, after all, provides access to exclusive pre-event refreshments and entertainment.

Take a Rugby Club Package for the England vs France game at Twickenham next year as an example. That superb package provides fans with a two-course pre-match carvery and a complimentary bar to help them get their day started on the right foot.   

Many theatre or concert hospitality packages, too, will include pre-show drinks, and plenty of packages across all kinds of event will offer access to special bars which are closed to normal ticket holders.  

Watching the Action

Once it’s time for the day’s main event to get underway and you’ve taken full advantage of the pre-event hospitality, your VIP tickets will deliver their next major benefit. Hospitality packages, after all, don’t routinely contain standard tickets. Instead, they will feature the kind of tickets which most normal fans dream of holding. 

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Let’s once again take rugby hospitality, for example. A Rugby Club North package for England vs Italy at Twickenham in March includes officially allocated and reserved RFU match seats in the South Stand. That means you will have a superb view of the pitch from behind the posts and will be able to properly appreciate the running lines taken by the players. At a show, meanwhile, your VIP ticket will typically be for a box or a balcony seat rather than a cramped spot in the stalls.

While you’re enjoying the action  - which you have a perfect view of thanks to your VIP package - or perhaps during an interval, you might fancy a little bit of further refreshment. Hospitality packages make that a breeze, too, with many of them featuring interval drinks, half-time refreshments and other event specific alternatives. 

Post-Event Activities

At the end of a cricket match, race meeting or almost any other sporting event, the majority of the crowd stream out of the turnstiles or the gates in a rather undignified scrum of humanity. After a show or gig, meanwhile, most attendees are sent scuttling toward the nearby bars or restaurants in an attempt to get served before their counterparts.

Fan hospitality takes away all of that hassle and unpleasantness, too. Whether you’re a rugby hospitality ticket holder or a patron of concert hospitality, venues will often open up bars and lay on further refreshments for you after your event finishes.

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If you’d upgraded your ticket to the Fever-Tree Championships to a Love Fifteen hospitality package, for example, you’d be able to retire back to the Love Fifteen restaurant after the day’s play. You can then enjoy the restaurant’s relaxed but high-quality dining atmosphere in peace whilst the rest of the crowd depart.      

If all of that has persuaded you that hospitality tickets are the way to go, you’ll want to check out Keith Prowse’s extensive range of VIP hospitality options. We’re specialists in hospitality packages for sporting events, concerts and cultural activities, and offer an array of packages to suit all tastes and budgets.


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