The Ultimate Fan Experience

January 2, 2019

If you’re truly passionate about something – be it sport, music, theatre or anything else besides – seeing it live can provide an almost unimaginable thrill. That’s why top class sporting events sell out on a week-by-week basis, the best known music acts make their money through touring and the top shows have waiting lists for tickets which can go on for months.

It’s also why hospitality packages for top sporting, music and cultural events are always highly sought after. If you’ve never really considered the possibility of investing in hospitality tickets, however, we’re going to explain just why you might be missing out. To do so, we’ll cover what exactly fan hospitality can entail, why it is perfect for the most passionate of fans and how those fans can make the most of VIP hospitality.

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What Does a VIP Package Get You?

Exactly what you get when you invest in hospitality packages obviously differs somewhat depending on the event for which the package caters. Concert hospitality, after all, will always vary somewhat from football hospitality, which in turn will be slightly different to rugby hospitality.

The elements of every VIP package, however, can generally be placed within three main categories. These are namely VIP tickets; food and drink; and entertainment and added extras.

VIP Tickets

First and foremost, whether the package is for a sporting event, a concert or a West End show, what it will include is a ticket or a number of tickets for the event in question. They won’t just be any old tickets, however. They will be hospitality tickets, which are a different kettle of fish entirely.


Keith Prowse’s exclusive Skyview Suite VIP hospitality package at the All England Club for example, includes tickets for a prime viewing area of centre court. Whether it’s Roger Federer, Novak Djokovic or even Andy Murray making the headlines on court during Wimbledon, therefore, you’ll be sure to see all the action as it unfolds. 

The story’s very similar when you’re talking about concert hospitality or hospitality for other cultural events. Your VIP tickets in those cases will typically give you a seat or a spot in the best possible area for taking in both the on-stage action and the venue’s overall atmosphere.

Food & Drink

The reason hospitality packages aren’t just called hospitality tickets is because they give fans far more than just entry to the stadium or a seat in the theatre. Whether you’re talking about fan hospitality at a football stadium or at a concert hall, a VIP package will almost always include some delectable food and drink.

The type of food and drink included and the way in which it can be enjoyed varies from one package to another. The breadth and quality of options typically available can be illustrated ably, however, by looking at Twickenham’s East Stand. The East Stand at the home of rugby union provides a wonderful hospitality environment and plays host to an array of extraordinary food and drink options.

At The Lock restaurant, for instance, rugby fans are served up with a tremendous three course menu of the highest standard. That menu is tailored to each individual match at the stadium and this past November the restaurant was overseen by two Michelin star chef and TV personality, Tom Kerridge.

For those looking for a less formal hospitality experience, meanwhile, the British Airways Rose Garden area of the East Stand is sure to fit the bill. There, visitors can enjoy delicious and varied street food from so-called grazing stations, whilst never straying too far from the area’s fully stocked bar.      

Whatever the individual style of the food and drink provided, however, what it helps to do is to turn a trip to any event into a truly special day out. As does our third and final element of VIP hospitality.

Entertainment & Added Extras

As if the action on the pitch, court or stage weren’t enough, many hospitality packages also lay on additional entertainment for fans.


Football hospitality suites, for example, will often host dinners or question and answer sessions with former players or other special guests. As part and parcel of a Downs View Suite package for the Investec Derby Festival, meanwhile, VIP guests are given the option of attending the official hospitality after party, following racing. 

To ensure that VIP fans never forget their special day, too, a VIP package can often also feature certain souvenirs or limited edition gifts. A lucky hospitality visitor to Stamford Bridge, for example, will receive an exclusive Chelsea gift, a matchday programme and a team-sheet for all guests as part of Keith Prowse’s Executive Suite hospitality package. 


The Ultimate Experience for the Ultimate Fan

All of the above should have given you an idea of the nuts and bolts of what hospitality packages provide to fans. That’s just the start of the story, however, when it comes to why they represent the ultimate fan experience. For a true fan of any sportsman, team, band or actor, seeing their hero or heroes live in action is more than just entertainment. It’s a truly special experience which really means something to them.

Hospitality packages help to reflect the magnitude and importance of the experience back to the fans and make them feel that the venue they’re visiting really understands their strength of feeling. In short, VIP hospitality is a way of making a trip to a game, gig or show as special in practice as it is in the mind of a passionate fan. That’s what makes a VIP package the ultimate fan experience.


Keith Prowse are proud to say that we understand the importance of hospitality packages and have worked hard to ensure that our range includes the perfect option for everyone. From corporate hospitality to VIP tickets for Wimbledon and concert hospitality to the perfect horse racing VIP package, we have every base well and truly covered.

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