Is ROX the new ROI

November 26, 2020

The term Return on Investment (ROI), especially in conjunction with an event’s measure of success, isn’t new, however, with the exponential increase in use of digital marketing including social media, the formula is sometimes found lacking: 

According to PwC (2019 Global Consumer Insights Survey), and based on B2C’s increasing power over brands, an additional, consumer-centred purchasing experience measurement is needed alongside ROI – enter the Return on Experience (ROX - or ROE)! 

Why should you include ROX as an additional measurement metric? Here are five of the above report’s main findings:

  • 39% of Gen Z respondents said they go directly to social media for information, compared with 25% overall
  • Mobile payment has been growing steadily since 2018, with China leading the way (86%) followed by Thailand (67%), Hong Kong (64%) and Vietnam (61%)
  • 31% of consumers buy online daily or weekly
  • 24% of consumers shop on smartphones more often than on PCs
  • 51% transferred money online

Now that we’ve proved just how important the customer experience is, how, you ask, can you create successful ROX? Here are three suggestions that we think will get you started on the right track:

“You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work back toward the technology — not the other way around”. – Steve Jobs.


Yes, this may seem obvious, but we all need gentle reminders from time to time! Consumers are people too, so ensure that you treat them fairly and respectfully. This way, in gaining an exceptional experience from buying/operating with you, increased ROX alongside positive customer reviews and feedback should follow.

From a legal perspective, data protection and policies are crucial to adhere to, so this point is a really vital one both in and out of the ROX debate.


If your customers really are a priority, then they should be kept in the loop with updates, exciting announcements and business changes. A simple email to your database, broadcasts on social media or, if possible, picking up the phone reassures them that they are front of mind.

There’s nothing worse than being kept at arm’s length, especially when there’s so much uncertainty in the world. So, if your customers haven’t been updated in a while, perhaps consider sending them a friendly reminder that they haven’t been forgotten.


We’re living in the age of a digital revolution, which grants us the ability to offer personalised experiences. Make sure you use these where possible! Targeted adverts and customised content on websites are just a handful of strategies to adopt that will help to maximise your ROX.

Relating back to that famous Steve Jobs quote above, it’s about working back to the ‘how’ we create that customer experience, as we have already established the value of the ‘why’ part. The key with digital is to make it as interactive as possible – this is where social media comes to play.

We’ve all heard about the power of social media and how it’s used as a key marketing strategy – so make use of it! For you event specialists out there, consider sharing your attendees’ social media posts or stories, or livestream parts of the event. For more ideas on social media, take a look at our piece about social media ideas for event planners.

Whilst this piece puts emphasis on the idea and importance of ROX, it is a healthy mix of ROX and ROI that will ensure success with your customers. After all, it is you, our valued customers, that are at heart of our brand – things just wouldn’t be the same without you. If you’re happy, then so are we!

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