Hospitality at the British Airways Rose Garden

September 15, 2021



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Although offering a lower price tag, the British Airways Rose Garden is nothing short of spectacular. This space is definitely for the foodies amongst the rugby fans; soak up the buzzing atmosphere in this spacious facility, filled with live music, street food stalls and live cooking stations. Enjoy some pre-match action watching the chefs at work whilst taking advantage of the complimentary bar, including selected wines, real ales and Guinness on tap.


The fantastic roof terrace offers the most spectacular views of the London skyline inside the facility, with seats located a short stroll away in the upper East stand within the 22s. Once seated, guests can enjoy the panoramic views of the pitch – you really won’t miss a minute of the rugby action here. And, guests will even have the opportunity to grab a quick refill from the bar at half time.


 The British Airways Rose Garden at Twickenham Stadium, Food, Drink Hospitality Image


After a stellar game of rugby, the day doesn’t stop there... Guests can enjoy a range of post-match snacks to compliment the post-match buzz and even shake a leg to the live music that keeps the party going win or lose. 


Although an informal hospitality package, the Rose Garden’s electric atmosphere and quirky dining experience is sure to guarantee a fantastic day out at the rugby. 


 The British Airways Rose Garden at Twickenham Stadium, Food, Drink Hospitality Image


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