Meeting Tom Sellers: Our Chef in The Treehouse

November 2, 2021

Tom Sellers, Chef Patron of 2 Michelin Star Restaurant Story, began his journey to becoming a chef almost 16 years ago and embarked upon his career while he was washing pots in his local pub. “I started straight out of school, it’s something that I fell into naturally and grew to love the creative side of cooking and what that brought” Tom said when we caught up with him at his restaurant recently. He spent the next 10 years working for many highly regarded chefs around the world, including Tom Aikens at Muse, Thomas Keller at The French Laundry and René Redzepi at Noma, helping to broaden his experience and chef skills. 


Tom opened his own London restaurant, Restaurant Story, in 2013 at just 26 years of age. Using innovative dishes and seasonal ingredients to tell his own story, the restaurant achieved 1 Michelin Star within 5 months of opening. And it has been thriving ever since, developing an incredible reputation, and achieving a coveted second Michelin earlier this year. There is no doubt Tom is proud of his success, but he does not overlook the fact that his biggest achievement is his team and their shared goal at the restaurant: “2 Michelin Stars is a very special accolade and it’s achieved by the team not just me.”


You might wonder where Michelin Star chefs find continued inspiration to produce such innovative, exquisite dishes: “My inspiration comes from the team I work with, the weather, the season, or a colour I see. I think the creative process is quite internal for myself, but I’d say the biggest inspiration is the people that work alongside me.” Tom says he loves to cook with fresh, British produce and works with local farmers and growers to become more sustainable. When asked about the inventive aspect of cooking, Tom said: “The best thing about being a chef is the freedom of being creative. It’s one of those rare industries where there aren’t any rules on what I cook and why I cook it. I have complete freedom and I think that’s the most rewarding side of being a chef.”


We are very excited to be working with Tom, as he devises the menu for The Treehouse at The Championships, Wimbledon - our brand-new hospitality facility for 2022. As a chef who champions everything British, Tom was the perfect fit for our new experience at such a quintessentially British event, which encapsulates such great heritage and history. “It’s really exciting to work alongside Keith Prowse to create a new project, The Treehouse. It’s going to be special and it’s something I’m excited to do.” The unique, experiential, and vibrant atmosphere will be reflected in the incredible food created by Tom. Both he and the team at Keith Prowse have a collective vision to create a special experience never seen at The Championships before. Our high standards will be delivered throughout the experience, from the ingredients used, the delivery and the guest’s interaction with the food; where every detail will reflect our precision, and the energy we collectively want to create. 


The menu at The Treehouse is inspired by Restaurant Story, taking elements to create a unique, informal guest experience. Tom said: “What we’ve created with The Treehouse at Wimbledon - the energy, the vibe, the way we’re going to serve the food - is going to add something special to The Championships, Wimbledon.” The food will be progressive, fun and will take a modern twist on traditional dishes, such as strawberries and cream. Served as small roaming plates, the food will enhance the sociable and relaxed experience. Interactive food displays in exciting “Bird Cages” and live demonstrations will allow guests to witness the creative side of the food preparation and see dishes come to life. An informal afternoon tea will enable guests to dine whenever and wherever they wish, proving greater flexibility to enjoy the food while not missing a moment of the action on court, and in a setting to suit their mood.


Nick Gratwick, Head of Events & Development at Keith Prowse added: “Food is integral to the hospitality experience and indeed a day at Wimbledon, so it was important to partner with the right chef to curate and deliver a unique menu for The Treehouse. Tom’s playful, innovative and aesthetic approach to food mirrored our vision for The Treehouse space and so, was a natural choice. We are delighted to be working with Tom and his team and are excited to see the hard work come to fruition in 2022.”


We truly believe that The Treehouse will be a progressive, luxury and exciting facility, and we can’t wait to see you there!


Find out more about The Treehouse, what the brand-new facility has to offer and the hospitality packages for Wimbledon 2022, here.


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