The Inspiration Behind The Treehouse

January 6, 2022

There is no doubt that premium informal dining is here to stay. The blend of casual environment, relaxed atmosphere and outstanding food, design and service that you would expect from a fine dining restaurant is becoming increasingly important to customers today. So, when the opportunity arose to design and curate a new premium informal experience to add to our award-winning hospitality portfolio at The Championships, Wimbledon, the Keith Prowse team were incredibly excited; particularly as it is a completely new concept for the event. We wanted to create a space with a real wow factor, elegance and style that accentuates the vision of ‘Tennis in an English Garden’. 


Initial conversations generated so many ideas that we were in danger of putting too much into the space, so we carefully peeled back the layers and refined our ideas until we reached the product we have today.

We started by focusing on the desired end result. We wanted to create a multisensory space where you can roam and discover different aspects as the day goes on; an evolving and immersive experience. As such, there are lounge areas, a pampering zone, live cooking stations, a large balcony and a live DJ to set the mood dependent on the time of day.


Naming a new experience can be challenging as it tends to be an emotive subject. We chose ‘The Treehouse’ for several reasons: it is situated with The Lawn structure in an elevated position on the mezzanine, a treehouse is reminiscent of a space in which you have fun, is playful in nature and is a space you use as a base. Whilst we will deliver a high-end version of a treehouse, its roots are intrinsically linked to this premise. A space to enjoy and have fun with friends and guests. 


Two Michelin Star chef Tom Sellers is our chef inside the Treehouse at WimbledonWhen it came to choosing a chef, it was critical to find someone who could bring all these elements together. Collaborating closely with creatives and leaning into their area of expertise transforms the offer to the exceptional. It is important to choose partners who have the same beliefs, who are forward thinking and happy to challenge us in order to create a unique proposition. 

We approached Tom Sellers who has passion in abundance for his craft and who instantly embraced our ideas, adding his unique perspective to The Treehouse. 

Tom and his team have created an innovative roaming menu that will be a major talking point on the day. Not only are the dishes exquisite, as you would expect from a 2 Michelin-star chef, but they also embrace our sustainability charter by using less meat and more locally sourced, seasonal produce.


Live cooking station in the birdcage at The Treehouse at The Championships, WimbledonTo further heighten the food delivery, we have designed two large “Bird Cages” where the chefs will create beautiful dishes in a live cooking environment, enhancing guest interaction and adding to the experiential offering.


The Treehouse drinks offer is just as exciting as the food menu. Working with leading mixologists, we’re crafting an inspiring cocktail menu that reflects global trends, complementing the food and the unique atmosphere of The Treehouse. These bespoke cocktails will feature premium spirits such as Patron and Grey Goose but will also include a range of delicious zero proof thirst quenchers. 



When guests first arrive in The Treehouse, their eyes will be immediately drawn to the 15m wide outside balcony. Flooring will run from the inside-out to give the feeling of connectedness and depth, bringing the outside into the space. Handmade, colour matched banquettes will further connect the spaces, contributing to the vibrancy and richness of the luxury interior. As customers look out, they will see The Lawn garden with its foot stream, and the cigar and whisky bar below – all of which they will have access to. The elevated position also allows for incredible views of Wimbledon lake and the City in the distance. 

Floral and foliage have been a key consideration in the design phase. Attention has been given to the colours and textures of the planting to heighten the Wimbledon experience - expect to see the familiar purple and greens, trailing ivy and lush trees featured within the space.

Outdoor lounge area inside The Treehouse hospitality offering at The Championships, Wimbledon 2022

We are also connecting the Treehouse with the beautiful garden downstairs at The Lawn with zoned music, which allows for a seamless experience across both spaces with a more immersive atmosphere. And, not forgetting the connection back to The Championships, tennis imagery will be woven into the fabric of the space together with TVs to ensure guests don’t miss out on any of the gripping action. But, where better to experience the tennis than on court? Naturally, as with all hospitality, Treehouse guests have a choice of either Centre Court or No.1 Court tickets included. A 2-minute ride on the golf buggies will whisk them across to Gate 5 where it’s a short walk to their courtside seats. 

If guests want to continue their experience into the evening, the dedicated on-site concierge team will be on hand to cater for every need, from dinner reservations to theatre tickets. 


The Treehouse has already been months in the making but, with six months to go, we will continue to develop the offer, driven by our own enthusiasm and that of the talented experts we’ve partnered with. We look forward to welcoming you as one of the first guests to experience The Treehouse in 2022.


Discover more about The Treehouse, which is available to book online now, or find out more about our other Wimbledon hospitality experiences here.


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