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Treat hospitality guests to the thrilling action of an International Twenty20 cricket match they'll never forget, with the IT20 coming to Edgbaston this year. The passionate England following will be in full voice with a sellout game against Australia. Guarantee the best seats in the house and book your hospitality place for the IT20.

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Do you have the experience?

As the landscape of our industry shifts and evolves, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve and understand how these consumer changes will affect hospitality and what this new customer base is looking for.

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Fever-Tree Championships Doubles Champions

Doubles Winners in Numbers at the Fever-Tree Championships [Infographic]

Whilst the singles tournament is often given the limelight, the Fever-Tree Championships does of course consist of a doubles competition as well. Our infographic tells all you need to know about the doubles winners over time.

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Continuous Product Improvement

Continuous Product Improvement in the Hospitality Industry

Head of Events and Development Nick Gratwick explains how the the competitive edge in the hospitality marketplace acts as a stimulus for innovation.

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