As exclusive, official hospitality providers to The Championships, Wimbledon, Keith Prowse are delighted to confirm the appointment of a carefully selected group of authorised resellers of hospitality.

All authorised resellers based in the UK will be issued with the Official Corporate Hospitality Composite Logo to give prospective customers the assurance that they are buying official hospitality. Any hospitality packages for The Championships, Wimbledon sold by a company other than Keith Prowse or those referenced below are not deemed to be official and we strongly advise you not to purchase them.

You can find a list of authorised resellers of hospitality below. More authorised resellers will be added to this list over the coming months, as and when they are contracted.

Authorised Resellers - UK

AOK Events Limited

CSM Sport & Entertainment

Engage Hospitality

Hospitality Finder

Imperial Corporate Events Limited

Mike Burton Group


Overseas authorised Resellers

Overseas authorised resellers are not issued with the Official Corporate Hospitality Composite Logo but can be verified by their inclusion on this page.

DER Touristik 

Europe Now 

Fanatic Sports

Travel Direction