England Win 2020 Guinness Six Nations

November 4, 2020

The last three games of the 2020 Guinness Six Nations tournament were played last Saturday, with a nail-biting end to what has been an unusual Guinness Six Nations.


If you didn’t already know, England came out victorious, winning the Championship for the first time since 2017. It really did go down to the wire, with the tournament resting on two of the final three games.

After a draught of sporting spectacles in the last few months, the Super Saturday of Rugby was a long-awaited event in most sporting fans calendar – whether you’re a rugby fan or not, it was hard to resist making the most of the fixtures after months of cancellations and postponements.


Millions tuned in to watch the final few matches of the delayed tournament and Eddie Jones’ side did not disappoint when it came to England’s match winning performance.


So, who played who and where were the standings going into the games on Saturday?


The three games that were played on Saturday in order of play were, Scotland V Wales, Italy V England and France V Ireland. The real competition though was between England, Ireland and France, with all three teams having only lost only one game going into the final fixtures. Ireland were however at an advantage after gaining a bonus point against Italy when they faced one another the week before in Dublin.


What is a bonus point I hear you ask? Well, for the benefit of our casual rugby fans reading this, bonus points were introduced to encourage attacking play throughout tournament matches, with the aim of also trying to discourage goal-kicking. They are points in addition to the standard points of winning or drawing a match and are awarded to teams for winning while scoring at least three or more tries than their opponents.


So, with this in mind, England not only needed to beat Italy, they also needed to score three or more tries than them and needed Ireland to lose against France – all of which, luckily for England, did happen.


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