Inside The British Airways Rose Garden with Lewis Craddock

November 26, 2021

Lewis Craddock, model, fashion, fitness and lifestyle influencer, was in our hospitality area The British Airways Rose Garden for the England V Tonga autumn internationals match on Saturday 6 November.


Opening of the England V Tonga match at Twickenham StadiumEngland’s first game at Twickenham Stadium in the autumn internationals series saw the return of 82,000 fans singing, smiling, and cheering for the first time in over one and a half years. The atmosphere that surrounded the stadium was electric and made Lewis’s experience even more incredible and memorable.


The British Airways Rose Garden is located on level five of Twickenham Stadium and has views that extend over London. With an ambience that is informal, and an atmosphere that is lively and electric, this space offers the perfect rugby experience. Live music, hand-held street food and a range of complimentary drinks, including real ales and draught Guinness, contribute to an excellent day at Twickenham Stadium. Match seats are located within the 22s which provide incredible panoramic views of the pitch and all of the action and atmosphere that surrounds.

Guests are able to enjoy this space up to 3 hours before kick-off, during half time and after the final whistle has blown for 90 minutes, giving you and your guests time to compare the team’s performance with like-minded rugby fans and enjoy post-match drinks and snacks while you continue your experience.


We asked Lewis all about his day at Twickenham Stadium and his experience in the British Airways Rose Garden:


How did you find your overall experience at The British Airways Rose Garden and Twickenham Stadium?

Lewis: It was amazing. The atmosphere was great and the live entertainment was absolutely brilliant. The food was delicious and there was plenty of it to go round which was good!


Have you ever been to Twickenham Stadium before?

Lewis: No, it was my first time at Twickenham Stadium and you certainly made it one to remember. I was very impressed with the stadium and I’m so glad I got to experience it.


Influencer and model Lewis Craddock inside The British Airways Rose Garden enjoying the food on offerWhat were your initial impressions of The British Airways Rose Garden? Did it meet or exceed your expectations?

Lewis: It was honestly beyond what I expected. It was really well decorated and had a great layout for socialising, it was clean and the staff were friendly and very attentive.


What was the atmosphere like?

Lewis: The British Airways Rose Garden had a great feel to it. The atmosphere was lively, vibrant and had an incredible buzz; the perfect ambience while attending the rugby.


What did you think of the food and the quality, quantity and variety of it?

Lewis: There was so much food on offer for everyone and every part of it was delicious! There was plenty of choice for everyone and there was a great variety to suit everyone’s taste.


What did you think of the drink’s selection? What were you drinking on the day?

Lewis: The drinks were very easy to get and you never had to wait more than 30 seconds if you wanted something, which was really good. Guinness was my drink of choice for the day!


What did you think about your match seats? Did you have a good view of the pitch and the game?

Lewis: We had great seats! They had the perfect view with no obstructions, and they were close to the exit too so we didn’t have to queue a lot on the way out or travel far from The British Airways Rose Garden.


Influencer and model Lewis Craddock in Twickenham Stadium watching the autumn internationals matchWhat did you think of the game and the atmosphere at the stadium?

Lewis: It was amazing! The stadium was full and the noise surrounding it was incredible, there was such a brilliant atmosphere and there was a mixture of fans from both sides which made it even more exciting. It was my first rugby game, and it will certainly not be my last.


Were the staff friendly and welcoming?

Lewis: Very much so. They were always happy to help you with anything you wanted or any questions you had. They really helped to make the experience extra special.


What do you think the best thing about your day out at the rugby was?

Lewis: One of the best things was seeing the look on my dad’s face when the national anthem was being proudly sung by all the England fans. He absolutely loves rugby and this whole experience meant a lot to him.

What would be your top tip for anyone looking to visit The British Airways Rose Garden next year?

Lewis: It would 100% be to go with Keith Prowse hospitality! I’ve honestly not stopped telling people about my day and how much I enjoyed it. It was such an incredible experience, and we’ll remember it for a long time.


If you want to experience the ultimate day out at Twickenham Stadium and the electric and immersive atmosphere that radiates around The British Airways Rose Garden, click here to find out more about our upcoming fixtures, including the 2022 Guinness Six Nations.


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