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February 19, 2020

The Championships, Wimbledon is the world’s oldest and most prestigious tennis tournament and is the pinnacle of the sport for the wold's best players across both the Men's and Women's game. The Championships take place every summer at the magnificent All England Lawn Tennis Club,. and is not only one of the four Grand Slam Tennis tournaments, but a quintessentially British experience as well. Getting to The Championships, Wimbledon for youself is usually pretty high up on the bucket list for many - but how do you even get tickets to this sought-after event? Here are the three ways in which you can bag yourself a spot.


The Championships, Wimbledon is one of the few sporting events in the UK where you canWimbledon still grab premium court tickets of the day of play itself, thanks to good old-fashioned queueing. 


The queue usually starts in Wimbledon Park, winding its way through the park and golf course to the Gate 3 turnstiles, where tickets can be purchased. 


There is no queue jumping allowed; such behaviour is stalled by the Queue Cards that each person queueing is given as they arrive. These are given out each morning to each arrival to represent your exact queue placement - they are dated, numbered and will be checked on entry to the Grounds. Seriously, don’t even think about sneaking to the front. 


Each day there are around 500 tickets each for No.1 Court, No.2 Court and Centre Court (except for the last four days on Centre Court, where tickets are only sold in advance). These are known as Show Court tickets. However, there is also thousands of Grounds Passes available daily which give you access to the unreserved seating and standing room areas on Courts No.3-18, perfect to experience everything that happens at the All England Lawn Tennis Club.


Kudos if you’re prepared to camp in line overnight, but, if that’s not your thing, then joining the queue at 5/6am should put you in good stead for some of the better tickets. 


And, if you’re just wanting to experience that Wimbledon feeling, catch some of the later games and enjoy some afternoon Pimm’s or strawberries and cream, then consider joining the queue after 5pm for late entry. 


First launched for the 1924 Championships at Wimbledon, the public ballot is intended to be the fairest possible way of grabbing yourself a ticket for The Championships, Wimbledon. Entry into the Ballot only entitles applicants to a place in the draw and not to a ticket itself. The day and court offered to you is a completely random process done by an automated computer. 


Previously, entering the ballot meant filling out a form and mailing it, but 2020 was the first time ever that the process was made digital – revolutionising entries, and making the process of getting tickets to The Championships, Wimbledon a little easier!


Although applications for the Wimbledon 2020 Public Ballot are now closed, here is how you can enter into the Ballot in the future:



Keith Prowse was appointed as the official hospitality provider for the 1982 Championships, where guests experienced great wins for Jimmy Connors and Martina Navratilova first-hand! Since then, we have been providing the highest quality service and hospitality packages for our customers across the globe. We know queueing for Wimbledon isn’t for everyone. And, if you don't get the chance to enter the Wimbledon ballot or you find out you’ve been unsuccessful, there is still one other way you can nab tickets to the social and sporting highlight of the summer. We might be biased with this one, but, here at Keith Prowse, we’re experts at hospitality. We are Wimbledon’s official and exclusive hospitality provider, so we know how to package up your perfect experience.  

Here are the range of tiered options we have available:

The Lawn - the one for the foodies

Experience a once-in-a-lifetime food dream with an all-day table atWimbledon The Lawn, a spacious facility offering award-winning, official hospitality at The Championships, Wimbledon. Sip on bespoke cocktails and soak up the sunshine in an English garden setting, with a foot stream feature and live music throughout the day. All just a short walk or buggy ride away to your prize viewing location on Centre Court or No.1 Court. You can let out your inner foodie as you enjoy a delicious a la carte menu designed and prepared by renowned chefs Michel Roux Jr. and daughter Emily Roux. A day at The Lawn will definitely be a summer day to remember. 


Prices start from £895pp + VAT. Limited availability for No.1 Court.Explore our packages at The Lawn here.


The Rosewater Pavilion - the one for the glamorous 

WimbledonBook your place at the Rosewater Pavilion for the most glamorous Wimbledon experience.The Rosewater Pavilion is our award-winning, premium, official hospitality offering at The Championships, Wimbledon. Its beautifully landscaped gardens, British-inspired four course a la carte food and drinks menus all make for a truly unforgettable Wimbledon experience. This space is conveniently set inside the grounds and boasts a two-tiered terrace with views towards Centre Court - meaning you won’t have to go back through security each time you want to catch some of the tennis action. Plus, you can take your drinks straight from the bar to your court-side seats. Without doubt, this is a must-book. 

Prices start from £1,495pp + VAT. Explore The Rosewater Pavilion here.


Skyview Suites - the one who seeks the ultimate VIP experience

Want to seriously impress friends, colleagues or clients? WimbledonThen a day in a private Centre Court Skyview Suite is for you. The Skyview Suites offer the most luxurious offical hospitality experience at The Championships, Wimbledon. You’ll enjoy gourmet products synonymous with Wimbledon such as vintage Champagne, afternoon tea, strawberries and cream, as well as fine wines, a canapé reception and a four-course à la carte menu. When the tennis action starts, you can move seamlessly from entertaining guests in your suite to your prime-location Centre Court seats, just seconds away. The ultimate Grand-Slam of sporting events definitely deserves an experience like this one.


Prices start from £1,650pp + VAT. Very limited availability remains.Explore the Skyview Suites here

Official hospitality at The Championships, Wimbledon is available to book on our website...


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