What makes Rosewater Pavilion so special

November 11, 2021

With such a range of experiences available at The Championships, Wimbledon, it can be difficult to know what makes each one so unique. From the food, design, ambiance and location, all elements come together to create different experiences that are loved by so many.

So, why is Rosewater Pavilion so special?


Dining area in Rosewater Pavilion hospitality space at The Championships Wimbledon Introducing Rosewater Pavilion

Set within the prestigious Wimbledon Grounds, Rosewater Pavilion exudes sophistication, luxury and tranquillity, owning its place within such a quintessentially British venue.


The British theme continues throughout the hospitality space, from the minute design details to the most delicate of canapés.


The inspiration for naming the space originates from the Ladies’ Singles Trophy, the Venus Rosewater dish. First awarded to the Champion in 1886, the dish has rich heritage at The Championships and was a fitting name for such a spectacular and decadent hospitality offering.


As you walk down the bustling and vibrant streets of Wimbledon Village towards the All England Lawn Tennis Club, you’re met with a welcoming oasis of calm and relaxation when you arrive at Gate 10, which provides access exclusively to Rosewater Pavilion guests. Beyond the Gate, the lush green landscaped grounds that greet you are a stark contrast to the busy city that surrounds.


Pianist OKIEM playing in Rosewater Pavilion hospitality space at The Championships Wimbledon Inside Rosewater Pavilion

Deep greens and shimmering golds shout Wimbledon. The décor and interior design mirror the glamour of The Championships, ensuring your Wimbledon experience is continuous and immersive, boosted by subtle floral green, white and purple touchpoints.


Rosewater Pavilion offers a special and authentic British tennis experience. Walking up the stairs into the entrance of Rosewater Pavilion, you will be greeted not only by the attentive hosts and concierge service, but by a tennis celebrity. As you enter on the upper level you are faced with the stunning view towards Centre Court, standing boldly beyond the glass bi-fold doors. You’re never far from the action as Centre Court and No.1 Court are only a short stroll away and your walk to your match seats is accompanied by the highly atmospheric buzz that circulates the outside courts where you can watch the players warm up and play matches.


Hospitality dining experience in Rosewater Pavilion at The Championships Wimbledon Back to Rosewater Pavilion, the upper level is centred by a striking staircase that cascades downstairs to another dining area and stylish bar, and is outlined with overhanging Boston ivy – the same species that climbs Centre Court in the beautiful view ahead.


The expansive bar provides a place to relax, socialise and wait for your guests to arrive while you enjoy the variety of bespoke drinks available. Lounge seating and an exclusive outdoor terrace allow you the flexibility to take advantage of everything this facility has to offer. Unwind listening to the soothing sound of the talented pianist, OKIEM, who sets the mood, allowing you to enjoy your food and drinks in a warming atmosphere.


Food and Drink

The award-winning premium+ facility offers private tables for two to twelve guests. Guests are greeted with a British themed canapé reception, which is followed by a delicious four course a ala carte menu. The dishes focus on quality, flavour and presentation rather than quantity, use British ingredients that are carefully selected to ensure the impact on the environment is minimised, and personify the theme of tennis in an English garden. A break from affords guests time to enjoy the enhanced afternoon tea with paired cocktails, along with strawberries and cream to make the experience even more ‘Wimbledon’!


Food served in Rosewater Pavilion hospitality space at The Championships Wimbledon Our sustainable commitment

Sustainability is an important issue in society, and as a business we are working to contribute to wider change and reduce our impact on the environment. To do this, we aim to be as sustainable as possible at our events.


Throughout the remainder of the year when the tournament is not in play, the components, furniture and fittings of the facility are hired out for others to use to lengthen their lifecycle, reducing the components needed to build additional facilities. The astro-turf used in the garden is donated to schools to use in their playgrounds and the flowers are gifted to local schools, charities and elderly residents.




Discover more about what Rosewater Pavilion has to offer and experience the best of British tennis in our stunning hospitality space. Don’t miss out on attending one of the most historic and prestigious events in the sporting calendar - secure your place at The Championships, Wimbledon in 2022 now.


Entrance to Rosewater Pavilion hospitality space at The Championships Wimbledon

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