Get Cazoo Masters Ready: The Rules of Snooker

December 17, 2021

The rules of snooker can be relatively complex if you are new to the game, and it can take time to learn the ins and outs of the sport. That’s why we have summarised the rules so you can enjoy watching the snooker and have full understanding about what’s going on!

The Rules

Snooker must be played by two players independently. The object of the game is to score more points than your opponent in each frame. Points are gained by potting (hitting a ball into the ball nets). Every player uses the same white cue-ball to hit twenty-one object balls, consisting of fifteen red and six coloured balls including yellow, green, brown, blue, pink and black.

A game is agreed or stipulated by a number of frames. 

A match is agreed or stipulated by a number of games.

A frame of snooker is the period of play from the start and each player plays in turns until the frame is completed. This completion occurs when a player accepts a concession or when a claim by the striker occurs. At the beginning of each frame, the object balls are positioned with the reds in a tightly packed triangle and the six colours placed on the designated spots. The players will then agree an order of play by lot or in a mutually agreed manner, with the winner deciding who gets to play first. This order of play remains unaltered throughout the frame.

When a foul is committed the referee will announce this immediately, and this can occur when:

  • The striker has not made a stroke, their turn will end and the referee will announce the penalty

  • All points scored during a break before the foul is announced will not contribute to the score but the striker shall not score any points for any ball pocketed in a foul stroke

  • The player who committed a foul incurs the penalty points

The following classify as fouls:

  • The following acts classify as fouls:

  • Striking the cue-ball more than once during a stroke

  • Causing the cue-ball to be pocketed

  • Striking before the referee has finished spotting a colour taken as a free ball

  • Striking when any ball is not at rest

  • Striking when both feet are off the floor

It goes without saying, that players who use offensive language or gestures is considered as sporting misconduct, including any player who refuses to continue the current frame. Time wasting is also not appreciated during the game, particularly excessive time wasting.

A frame, game or match draws to a close when the black ball is the only object ball remaining on the snooker table, and the first player to pot the ball ends the frame and therefore wins. The winner of a frame is the player with the highest score or to whom the frame is conceded. The winner of a game is the player who has won the highest number of frames or who has made the greatest number of points. 

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