Jascots: their journey to becoming greener

March 25, 2020

Jascots has been appointed as the wine supplier in The Lawn for its third consecutive year, following an agreement with Keith Prowse, exclusive hospitality partner to The Championships, Wimbledon. Whilst focusing on quality, Carbon neutral wine merchant Jascots go that extra mile to ensure that they deliver an excellent wine service. With this comes the realisation of just how important it is to recognise their environmental impact, from resource consumption, transport, purchasing and waste production. 


BLOGNearly ten years ago, Jascots went that extra ‘green’ mile too, as they embarked on a journey, with the aim to make continuous improvements to their environmental performance, including:


• To use resources efficiently, prevent pollution and minimise any adverse environmental effects caused as a result of activities or products

• To manage waste sustainably and recognise responsibility to recycle wherever possible

• To align environmental practices and procedures with those of their clients

• To promote environmental awareness, provide training and ensure every member of the team understands their environmental responsibilities

• To promote sound environmental practices with our suppliers

• To meet and, where practical, exceed all relevant regulatory requirements


(Find out more about this in their blog post).


Without doubt, society is becoming more aware of the environmental implications of our actions, and becoming greener is now not only a trend, but a serious consideration in everyday life. From the shift to eating less meat to switching to renewables, there are a number of ways in which we can live a more sustainable lifestyle. Companies are also adopting many of their own methods too, as proved by Jascot in their performances above. 


Jascots’ journey to become greener is continuously moving forward. After BLOGimplementing their improvements, here are just some of their achievements (as of 2019):


  • For 2019, their carbon footprint was 71% tonCO2e.   This is a 23.5% reduction of CO2e compared to 2018.
  • Every year, Jascots calculate their carbon footprint and have it independently verified by the Carbon Trust. CO2 that could not be reduced was once again offset through the purchase of carbon credits making them carbon neutral.
  • They are one of only a handful of UK merchants to hold ISO14001 (Environmental Management System). They first achieved ISO14001 certification in 2011.
  • At the end of 2011, Jascots launched their innovative industry leading service ‘Going That Extra Green Mile’ – a complimentary pick up and recycling service for empty wine bottles and boxes.  In 2018 alone, Jascots recycled nearly 10,000 empty bottles of wine and 4.9 tonnes of cardboard.
  • In 2019, Jascots introduced a ‘strap don’t wrap’ policy, which introduced a pallet strapping system that avoids them using plastic wrap for delivery by their own vehicles - they have already avoided using 10.5km of plastic wrap.


Whilst their journey to become greener continues, we are proud to partner with a supplier that is so dedicated in ensuring that their methods of obtaining, sourcing and delivering their products are done in the most sustainable way possible. 


Miles MacInnes, Managing Partner at Jascots says “Our purpose as a company is to make a positive difference for our clients, people, suppliers and the environment. We are fortunate to have clients that care about these things too and so with the support of companies like Keith Prowse sustainability has become the driving force behind our team.”


The case for action to protect and preserve our environment has never been stronger; here at Keith Prowse, we strive to commit in every way we can to protecting the environment, and our partnerships must mirror this. We thank Jascots’ commitment to this!

*For a limited time only, Jascots are offering a personal wine service straight to your door! Restock your wines with their mixed cases, specially put together by the Jascots team. To find out more including delivery options, order queries and further information, click the link here.*

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