Meet our Head of Wimbledon Sales

June 19, 2020

In light of the cancellation of The Championships at Wimbledon this year, we thought you might appreciate some light-hearted content. Get to know our Head of Wimbledon Sales in our latest Q&A, from his favourite Wimbledon moments to his vote on the world's best tennis player...

What’s your first memory of sport/tennis?

My first memory of tennis would be having my first tennis lessons on the dusty courts of my primary school in Nairobi, Kenya .

Who is your favourite sportsperson, past or present and why?

This is a really tough one for me, there are so many… I’d have to go with Tiger Woods – he was unbeatable and changed golf forever.

Favourite Wimbledon moment?Mike Foster

Walking down Church Road towards the famous grounds of AELTC, early morning on Day 1 of The Champs – every year…


Boris Becker, unseeded and aged 17 winning in 1985 - what a moment!

Who do you think is the world’s best Tennis player and why?

Easy – Roger Federer – he’s a genius, the best, that’s it.

What sports teams do you support and why?Mike Foster

QPR - QPR was my local team living in West London. 

Man United (I support them in secret, sorry!) - as a kid growing up in Kenya, it was either them or Liverpool so surely an easy choice…and they had Bryan Robson, who was my hero at the time.

For rugby, it’s Harlequins - my father took me to watch them as a kid

Mclaren F1 team – iconic 

Dallas Cowboys – no idea, I think my parents bought me the shirt on holiday in the states…

If you had one wish what would it be?Mike Foster

A time machine.

What do you think makes Wimbledon so special? 

It’s stuck to its traditions and values – a British institution, that blends elite sport with elegance and style – I love it

How much work goes into creating Wimbledon Hospitality experiences? How long does it take to plan for The Championships, Wimbledon? Can you give us a hint of anything new to come?

It never ends, it is a year round effort that literally starts the minute after the Men’s Final has ended, we roll out the plan for the following year. We’re also always thinking about the longer terms and how we can keep moving forward and innovating. I can’t say too much more I’m afraid, but keep an eye out on our offering for 2021….

What do you think sets Keith Prowse apart from their competition?

Strong and long standing partnerships with our rights holders, and a genuine passion and drive to deliver quality memorable experiences for our customers.

Finally, describe the experience at Wimbledon in three words.

Classy, exciting, unforgettable.

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