Bonnie Rakhit joins us at The Championships, Wimbledon

July 7, 2021

Bonnie Rakhit aka The Style Traveller, is an award-winning fashion and travel, influencer and blogger. Recently voted in the Top 25 Influencers in the UK by The London Evening Standard Newspaper, as well as Top 10 Luxury Travel Blogs by TripAdvisor, Vuelio and Fashion Monitor. She is also a fashion editor, consultant and TV presenter, and we were lucky enough to host her at The Lawn at The Championships, Wimbledon this year.

We caught up with Bonnie after her all-inclusive day out to find out what she thought about her experience in the Q&A below, you can read more about her day out on her blog ‘How To Do Wimbledon Like A VIP’ here.  


How did you find your overall experience at The Championships, Wimbledon?


I found the whole Wimbledon experience wonderful! It was so lovely to be able to visit the event and be made to feel like a real VIP throughout the whole day. 


Have you ever been to The Championships, Wimbledon before? If yes, how did your experience differ this time around?


I have been to Wimbledon before, but I was commenting on Wimbledon fashion for the BBC, so it was quite a hectic day and a lot of walking around the huge grounds. This time being hosted in the hospitality area by Keith Prowse felt very decadent and luxurious. It’s a lovely and indulgent way to spend the day.


What were your initial impressions of The Lawn facility?

Did it meet or exceed your expectations? What was the atmosphere like? 


Outside in the general areas of the Wimbledon complex it gets quite hectic, lots of crowds and queues for drinks or the toilets. Being hosted by The Lawn suite is like retreating to a beautiful oasis of calm, away from the crowds, where there’s classical music playing, delicious food, free flowing cocktails, luxury toilet facilities and the perfect summer event atmosphere. I highly recommend it! 



Did you get a chance to enjoy The Lawn Garden, if so what did you think about the space?


I loved the outdoor area. My sister and I spent a lot of time in the garden area watching the match highlights on the big screen (between actual matches), sipping cocktails and splashing around in the foot spa. There’s quite a lot of walking during the day at Wimbledon so the foot soak stream in the garden is a fantastic idea. Going to the hospitality area between matches feels a bit like going to a spa where the food is delicious and getting pampered a little before heading back into the crowds of Wimbledon. 


What did you think of the food? Quality, quantity, variety? What was your favourite dish or course and why?


The food was fantastic! I’m a huge fan of Michel Roux anyway, so I knew the lunch and afternoon tea would be quite the event. My favourite dish was the epic seafood platter, filled with fresh lobster, prawns, salmon, crab and mussels. And the afternoon tea was the quintessentially English experience, filled with finger sandwiches, scones with jam and cream cakes galore. 


Did you spot Michel Roux walking around and did you get an opportunity to speak to him?


I was very excited to meet Michel Roux, he made a point of coming to meet each and every table individually, greeting us and making sure everyone was having a nice time. What a lovely gentleman! 


What did you think of the drink selection? Did you try any of the cocktails? If yes, which was your favourite and why?


Cocktails were fantastic. I loved the elderflower gin fizz and my sister had the Watermelon cocktail to match her dress haha. My tipple of choice is a glass of champagne and I’m pleased to say there were plenty of free flowing bubbles all day.


Who did you see play live on the day and was there a stand out moment?


We watched a women’s single match in court 1 which was exciting. But the highlight of my day had to be watching Novak Djokovic (the world’s number 1 player) play a new USA player. We had fantastic court side seats with an excellent view. 


What did you wear to Wimbledon and where did you get inspiration for your outfit choice?


 I decided to go for classic white, floaty dress with a sporty blue stipe, which are the signature outfit colours at Wimbledon. Taking inspo from the female players of the 1920s, I paired it with a pale blue head scarf, cats eye sunglasses, and blue & white stripe heels. I added a pop of colour with a neon pink YSL bag. 


What do you think the best thing about your day at The Championships, Wimbledon was?


 I absolutely loved the whole day. I had so many highlights, from meeting Michel Roux and enjoying the epic seafood platter, to watching Novak Djokovic play. But one of my favourite things was spending time with my sister, sipping on cocktails and enjoying the pampering foot spa in The Lawn gardens. 


What would be your top tip for anyone looking to visit The Lawn next year?


My advice would be to book your space now. It’s such a special way to spend your day at Wimbledon, it makes a real difference. I can’t wait to visit again next year!!! 


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