A Good News Story: The Championships, Wimbledon

August 3, 2021

A Good News StoryIssues surrounding the environment and sustainability have become an increasingly important focus in recent years and is a topic that we at Keith Prowse feel very passionate about. This year at The Championships, Wimbledon, we wanted to continue our aim of reducing our carbon footprint and consequential impact on the environment by ensuring that waste at the event was kept to a minimum. In order to achieve this, we wanted to donate some of the resources and decorations used in our hospitality facilities to local charities and schools in the Wimbledon area. Flowers, plants and AstroTurf were donated, allowing us to give something back to the local community and make a positive impact on our environment.


Lavender Green, our official flower supplier for The Lawn at The Championships, Wimbledon, helped to make our mission possible by extending the lifetime of the beautiful flowers, enabling more people to enjoy their vibrant colours. Lavender Green said the flowers brought a lot of joy to the local charities and schools that received the donations which wouldn’t have been possible if these wonderful events weren’t able to go ahead. The local charities and schools that received the donations were: 


The Baby Bank

The Baby Bank held a large plant sale which raised over £350 which will be used to purchase essential items for families in need. Referrals to The Baby Bank occur due to multiple reasons including poverty, domestic violence, isolation from family, children in emergency foster placements or teenage pregnancy. 


The Windsor Boys School Boat Club

The state comprehensive school rowing club held a large plant sale which raised over £1000! This will be used to ensure that all boys in Years 9-11 have the opportunity to attend learn-to -row courses regardless of their backgrounds.


Burnham Care & Share Foodbank

The charity’s plant sale raised £360 which will be used to buy food for families living in poverty in the local area.  


Forest Bridge School, Windsor

Bouquets of cut flowers were gifted to teachers, volunteers and ‘star of the week’ pupils, helping to raise spirits.


Dedworth Primary School

The donation meant that the school could have an outdoor gardening lesson, gift all staff with bunches of flowers and enhance their wildlife garden.


Robert Piggot Primary School

The school sold little bunches of flowers that the children made and put together themselves, raising £62!


A Good News StoryOther charities that received donations include a local hospice, a community hub, a communal garden, additional primary schools and a nursery school, and some of our immediate elderly neighbours. It has been fantastic to hear about all the great things these plants and flowers have done for some of the most vulnerable people in the community and the smiles that have been created as a result.


In addition to donating plants and flowers, AstroTurf from the outside area of The Lawn was donated to Rowledge C of E Primary School. The eco-council at the school were absolutely delighted with the donation and means that they will be able to re-use the grass in the school rather than purchasing from new, which wouldn’t have been possible due to budget constraints. The school have planned to put the AstroTurf around the new slide area so children are able to use it all year round as its often closed due to muddy conditions. It will also be used in the peace garden to protect under the toadstools and will be used to replace and replenish areas of the Early Years outdoor areas. Any leftovers of what they do not use will be donated rather than disposed of. 


A Good News StoryWe are proud of what we have achieved at this year’s Championships, Wimbledon and we strive to continue our efforts with more events in the future. Here at Keith Prowse we are constantly searching for new and eco-friendly ways to not only reduce waste at our events but also make a positive impact on the local communities around us, helping those most in need.


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